Luxe Pods™️ Plus

$59.95 $100

Enjoy the exceptional noise cancellation, high-quality sound and durability of the in-ear Luxe Pod Plus headphones.

If you are looking for a top of the line set of in-ear headphones with amazing sound quality, then look no further.

Feel the Power of the PLUS

The technology behind these headphones has been studied in depth: fully equipped with noise-canceling performance, 5.0 Bluetooth® technology and EQ with bass optimization they truly are some of the BEST in-ear headphones currently on the market.

All About That Bass

For deep, round bass mixed with clear mids and trebles, you can rely on Luxe Pods Plus. Your favourite playlist will give you energy even in a noisy gym.

Be Ready for Any Occasion

The Luxe Pod Plus headphones are 100% waterproof, they are not afraid of sweat, rain, the shower, the pool or the sea!!

Battery Life for Days

Well not quite, but you can get an amazing 12+ hours out of them on a single charge which is practically the same thing right? The case is able to fully recharge the headphones in under 30 minutes too and if needed, it can recharge your mobile phone as well, how cool is that?

100% Waterproof - Use them everywhere, even underwater.

Touch control - Change song, answer your calls and alot more with just a simple touch on the headphones

Bluetooth 5.0 - The new bluetooth technology guarantees incredible sound quality with the signal reaching a whopping 25 meters (82 feet)!! Like OMG.

Sound quality - Max quality at max volume. EQ perfectly balanced even at the highest volume

Get yours today with FREE SHIPPING!!

#LostMyLuxePods -- They're tiny wireless earbuds. We get it. Sh*t happens. Just submit proof of your past purchase, along with a statement on how they were lost, and we will apply a 50% discount towards the purchase of a second pair to get you going again!


Designed by Luxe Pods 🎧 Intelligent Noise Reduction 🔉 Superior audio quality 💦 Sweat-proof and water resistant ✓ Easy setup for all your devices 🔌 Quick charging 📲 Case doubles as a portable phone charger

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