Luxe Pods™️

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Imagine being fully tuned into your music with no distractions.

Renowned performance and remarkable comfort from earbuds designed to bring you closer to your music — and the world around you. Luxe Pods has been designed to deliver intelligent noise reduction for immersive sound and a fit for all-day comfort. Ready to use right out of the case with bluetooth technology that automatically pairs and connects to your phone.

Intelligent Noise Reduction

Say goodbye to noise. Incredibly light noise-reducing ear buds, Luxe Pods block out your environment so you can focus on what you’re listening to. Intelligent noise reduction silences the world to keep you fully tuned in to your music, podcasts, and calls.

Waterproof and Sweat-proof

Exercise, drop 'em in water, sweat in the gym, sweat in the b-- no worries, we got you. Luxe Pods can be used in all conditions rain or shine.

For Chill-Mode or Grind-Time

Whether you're cuddling up in the sheets, or dripping sweat, there's a setting for that. 

Impressive Charging Abilities

The Luxe Pods charging case not only recharges your Luxe Pods but also charges your smartphone. It works with a micro-USB cable. Can also be used as a phone stand that supports your phone in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

The wireless charging case delivers 120 hours of battery life to keep you, your phone and your Luxe Pods on the go. After each charge your Luxe Pods will last 4-5 hours!

Binaural Smart Touch

No buttons needed, Luxe Pods' light touch control makes things more convenient for you. Full instruction sheet comes with the product so you can learn the touch commands in an instant.

Connecting is so Easy

Compatible with all smart phone devices and tablets (Android and iOS... windows .. or whatever else you have)

What’s in the Box

1x - Luxe Pods

1x - Wireless Charging Case (can charge your phone too!!!)

4x - Ear tips (different sizes)

1x - Micro USB Cable

1x - User Manual 

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Designed by Luxe Pods 🎧 Intelligent Noise Reduction 🔉 Superior audio quality 💦 Sweat-proof and water resistant ✓ Easy setup for all your devices 🔌 Quick charging 📲 Case doubles as a portable phone charger

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