Luxe Bone Wireless Headphones


For a limited time only when you purchase our NEW Luxe Bone Wireless Headphonesyou'll receive a free pair of our OG LUXE PODS™️!

Feel the music in your bones!

Revolutionize the way you listen to your music with our NEW Luxe Bone Wireless Headphones! Connect to your beats without feeling disconnected from the world around you thanks to their open-ear design that delivers a comfortable and safe listening experience. Ready to use right out of the case with Bluetooth technology that automatically pairs and connects to your phone with ease.

How It Works


Perfect for taking on all your daily adventures, these headphones feature the renowned bone conduction technology, that transmits your favourite tunes via vibrations through the bone structure (just like the famous Beethoven!). To put it simply; bone conduction is sound that is delivered directly to the inner ear without needing to pass through the eardrum. Think of bone conduction as a shortcut to hearing sound. 


  • Crisp, balanced sound quality 🔊
  • Lightweight and comfortable design (28g)  🎧
  • Water and sweat-resistant so you can embrace all the elements 💦
  • 6hr long battery life 🔋
  • Bone Conduction Technology 🦴
  • Open-ear design lets you listen to music and your surroundings at the same time👂
  • Made to move with you through high-intensity or leisure activities 🏃
  • Comes with USB-C Charging Cable for all your recharging needs 🔌

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